The following recipes can be used both for electric biscuits and for manual molds. Only the heating times and the cooking methods differ. We recommend turning on the cookie jar just before you start mixing the ingredients and instead heating the manual mold at the end of the preparation of the dough.

Come Preparare Thin sweet wafers

We recommend switching on the waffle maker just before mixing the ingredients and on the other hand to heat the manual mould on completion of the mixing.

(models 5010100, 5020100, 5025100, 5035100, 8020100, 8030100, 8040100, 8045100, 8055100, 8080100, 1010100, 1510100, 1515100, 2015100, 2030100, 2020100)

– 3 eggs
– About 150 gr of sugar (the weight can vary according to personal taste and/or the types of ingredients)
– 62gr of oil
– About 150 gr of sugar (the weight can vary according to personal taste and/or the
– Grated lemon peel and/or aromas to taste


Break the eggs into a bowl suitable for the quantity desired and beat them lightly. Add the oil and mix, add the sugar and beat well.
Pour in the flour a little at a time and mix. Finally add the aromas and mix until you have a smooth dough without lumps that falls down from the spoon in a smooth flow.
Open the already warm and oiled waffle maker and pour in about a spoonful of the dough into the middle of the plate and close it using the wooden handles. According to the pressure placed on the handles, the thickness of the wafer will change. After about 10/20 seconds remove the wafer with a spatula or fork and let it cool on a wire rack or plate.